"Cry wolf, they told the Sheriff’s boy,
And to your aid He’ll run.” 


This was a 3-part commission for Alohiel! who asked for three pieces in the style of my animation dinky that I did back in July. I had kind of half-assed it at that time though- but I hope these look okie too!
these have been resized and watermarked for payment reasons- and um, the originals didn’t have the wiggly text and glowy stuff
I just like things that move so I did that for fun after I had handed them in.ヾ(^ ^ゞ

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by Laura’s eyes… or what she had found on Derek’s phone - inspired by "Gravity’s Got Nothing on You"  by wonderful zosofi

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Stiles questions the relationship between him and Derek.

I just want this. So much. Like, at the end of the show, in season 4 or 5 or whatever. All evil is defeated and all dead are mourn and the ones left alive just realize how lucky they are to still have each other. And Stiles and Derek looks back on everything they’ve been through over the past years together and just. This. Please?

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Sterek AU: In a particularly bad battle with the Alphas, the pack almost loses Isaac. Stiles, the only one who sees how hard Derek is taking it, gets stuck driving him home.

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when i die i hope that someone will look at me the way stiles looked at derek


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